A new path to reset companies and organizations

By Blanca Lopez

October 2019. I look at the companies… their worry to survive, grow or transform, to keep up with changing technology; uncertainty, external circumstances, and the fear of losing (control, money, reputation, jobs, clients…) seem to «force» them to leave their well-known business models behind.

Many of them spend their energy, their time, their money and their resources in business consulting, organization or debt restructuring projects, conflict resolution, massive investments in digital transformation and online marketing… they want results and they want answers.

They continue to wind the wheel of their organization up so it does not stop spinning. Carrying their past on their shoulders, they turn their eyes to the future. They seem to be absent. They look for the yellow brick road but they risk following the path of the growing snowball rolling down hill…

Einstein said that «we cannot solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created them». We have the option to press the reset button and close a cycle.  There is a new path for companies and organizations: vertical growth.

A new way of manifesting leadership and service to society so we can return to the present (to being present) and look to the future from a higher octave. To elevate our gaze and expand our vision inwards, going down deep inside our organizations.

Cultural transformation emerges from the will and intention of each company. It is a change of direction in our decision making process, it is to allow ourselves a more intuitive, more fluid, more natural and more organized management style.

To improve the quality of our results with a new approach, without fears, without judgements. A return to the past to recover our corporate legacies, their essence and what makes us unique to create the future in a new way and from a new perspective.


By Blanca López, Managing partner, Les Belles Maisons. @Blanca_lbm / Linkedin 

Cover photo: ©Efenzi. Ceiling mural in the Rose Main reading room. New York Public library.

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