Are you ready for constructive evolution? This luxury brand is...and it shows

By Blanca Lopez
Brunello Cucinelli, an inspiring example of constructive evolution in the luxury industry

Time for a change in business leadership. Find out why Brunello Cucinelli stands out in an industry dominated by large holdings of heritage brands. An inspiring example of «Belle Maison» in the fashion world. 

Nov. 2017.  In the universe of luxury there is a star that shines its own light: Brunello Cucinelli. Next year the italian house will be celebrating its 40th anniversary thanks to the solid and coherent alliance between cultural heritage, business and society he has built over these years: 

 «The great dream of my life has always been to work for the moral and economic dignity of mankind»- B.C

Brunello Cucinelli  uses terms and concepts such as humanistic capitalism or values of the spirit, not frequently heard in this industry. But for sure he is not the only CEO who runs a company that grows double digits, reads philsophy, seeks social purpose in his business, allocates millions of euros to philanthropic projects and plays football with his friends. 

Where then does this exemplifying rarity come from? And what should we learn from him?

Mainly because Brunello Cucinelli is not telling a story, he is saying who he really is, loud and clear: he is someone who wants to do what is right and who has been able to trascend the traditional form of this giant industry. Economic results are there and they speak for themselves: 

 Brunello Cucinelli financials

According to the «Top 100 Luxury good companies» recently published by Deloitte, the italian "king of cashmere" is one of the top 15 if we take out from the list corporations that have a wide portfolio of brands and are not exclusively positioned in the fashion industry. In the past 4 years, the brand's revenue growth rate outperforms the world leader, LVMH Group: 

Brunello Cucinelli vs LVMH average revenue growth rate

There is a growing level of social, cultural and environmental awareness in markets and society and everyday more people, including myself, advocate for meaningful principles and new ways of acting on many different levels. Defining mission, vision and values is today an obsolete job if the message is not real, honest and authentic. Companies need to evolve If we truly want to create a better future, a future not only determined by artificial but also by social and cultural intelligence. 

This evolution must be constructive and it is based on 5 fundamental pillars: 

These are pillars we clearly see in Brunello Cucinelli and not so much in other luxury houses who put their future at risk as they bury their essence or damage their brand legacy thus loosing great opportunities to improve their contribution to our society. 

It is true we cannot confirm how much of Cucinelli's creed impacts on his financial results, but of once thing I am certain; wherever there is good there is beauty. In my opinion doing what is right for the present and future wellbeing of society not only gives personal satisfaction and serenity, in the long run it always yields positive results. 

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