The heart and soul of companies

By Blanca Lopez
The heart and soul of companies

March 3rd 2020 

In our previous post, Once upon a time, we made reference to the heart of the companies and to the fact that we have forgotten its existence because we have not known how to see it. Today we invite you to look at companies in a new way: leave aside for a moment everything you know about them (… you can take it all back after reading this post).  

Close your eyes and visualize a company as if it were a large living organism made up of a complex system of relationships (it can be your own or any other brand that comes to your mind). Her heart beats. She breaths in (she incorporates resources inside, stores them, manages them, transforms them in the different departments) and she breaths out, offering products, services and messages. Feel her energy.

Just like you, she has her own story and has inherited a variety of traits, characteristics and behavioral patterns (a business and decision making culture) from the different executive teams. That is what makes her who she is today.

From this perspective the functioning of a company is similar to that of the human body. It is born, grows, develops and dies, literally because the business closes definitely, or metaphorically to «be reborn»:  new products or services, new markets, new technology, new principles and values… it follows an ongoing transformation process within the spiral of evolution and manifests a different level of consciousness over the years.

Now visualize your company again. Let’s continue to deepen inside. Imagine we could turn her heart into the center of operations and from there, step by step and with the patience of a skilled restorer, heal her old wounds, understand the causes of her most chronic problems, release her fears, tensions and worries, manage her emotions, rearrange that which it is blocked and does not easily flow. To what purpose? so she can improve her health (get better results using her resources better), increase her self-awareness, be happier and look to the future with new eyes, being an inspiration to the world thanks to her light and her beauty.

What happens when you meet someone you have not seen for a while and you feel something has changed, he or she looks different, happier, brighter, serene… more attractive and good-looking?  And if you ask, the person tells you things like: there have been many changes in my life, I am finding myself, I have changed the job and now I do what I always wanted, it is amazing, I don’t have to try so hard, things come to me, like «magic», everything is easier,  I feel free… I have even changed my eating habits, my family and social relationships have improved, I have new friends, I dedicate more time to my self… for the first time in my life I feel truly alive and I want to live…

Most likely this person is experiencing a process of profound transformation. The changes inside are reflected in the outside. Every day I meet more people (and I include myself) who are going through deep inner changes and who are turning their lives around. It is the «awakening» that leads us to be more conscious of who we truly are and to release everything that prevents us from living from our higher nature, from our soul, showing the world our unique talents and gifts.

The same thing happens to companies. They can also «wake up» and turn their «life» around releasing everything that blocks their higher nature, their soul. This is what we call vertical growth, the process of introspection and of inner transformation that moves businesses into the next level of decision-making, that in which the attention is placed «inside» that living organism and the intention is to move from the heart towards their higher purpose.

This way of looking at organizations opens a new direction for their future: the restoration of their inner light. «Change yourself to change the world» suggested Gandhi. A path full of adventures and emotions that leads us to find answers and opportunities in what a priori seem the most unexpected places and that requires (besides the business experience and knowledge) working with new tools and new travel companions.